FAQs (frequently asked questions)

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Q: What should my camper bring to camp?

A: Their instrument(s), extra reeds, mouth pieces, mutes, pencils, wire music stand, lunch/snack, water bottle, an attitude ready to learn and try new things

Q: What are sectionals?

A: Sectional time is when your musician’s instrument group or section works with a teacher specialized in their instrument - working on technique, the music at hand and anything to help a student with their particular instrument. Example - Horn Sectionals would have a Horn teacher working with all French Horn students.

Q: What happens in the breakout sessions?

A: Students have differing interests, some will prefer jazz, others small group chamber ensembles, either with different or like instruments. Other students will prefer the opportunity to not play, and learn more about the non-performing aspects of music. Students will be able to choose from an elective of either jazz band, small ensemble, or music from other cultures- which was a big hit last year! If your child is interested in jazz but has never played jazz, that’s great! Our instructors enjoy showing students the joy of playing jazz, and they will perform in their large jazz group on Friday!

Students interested in the more advanced jazz bands will need to prepare a brief audition. That material will be up on our website no later than March 31st, 2019.

Q: What’s with all the sight reading on the first day?

A: Since we will be welcoming students of varying abilities, and we won’t know for sure everyone’s level of playing, groups will be spending the morning sightreading new pieces. Sometimes students will feel either overwhelmed, since they are in a much larger or more advanced group than they were in during the school year, or underwhelmed if they feel that they have been misplaced. That’s ok! The directors have a pile of music which they will select from, and the group may or may not keep it after they’ve played it. For younger players not used to it this can feel rushed. We’ll have volunteers on hand to assist during the first rehearsal so students feel more at ease. If your child comes home feeling like the day was too much, let us know, but also encourage them that the first day of any camp can feel like a lot! Almost always when students come back the next day, they leave feeling much more at ease.

Q: Why are there auditions this year?

A: We’re growing! In an effort to serve our students better and prevent feelings of being over and underwhelmed, we hope to place students in groups faster. The audition material isn’t mandatory, students will be placed according to grade level and years played if they choose not to audition. We ask students prepare the scales and excerpts that are available HERE. We will also have a brief sight-reading excerpt.

Q: When is the final concert?

A: Our Friday Concert will be at 3 p.m. in the Performing Arts Auditorium. Chamber Ensembles will be performing in the lobby at 2:40 prior to the full ensemble concerts.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Up until camp begins there is a scaled refund policy for campers who have plans that have changed. Once camp starts there will be NO REFUNDS allowed as we have staffed and taken care of all the needed costs based upon the number of students who have registered. Thank you for understanding.