Vibe of Portland

since 2007…

Vibe began in 2007 with the express mission to “Empower Portland’s Youth through art & music; Inspiring the next generation of creative leaders.” This came from seeing the arts education landscape in Portland at that time that had very little creativity happening during the school day. With little to no visual art and music education happening during school hours, Vibe set out to fill that gap until the arts are fully restored within the school day. As programming has slowly begun to come back into the school day, Vibe’s directors work hard to connect with art and music teachers in the schools - to support them, to not duplicate services when working in partnership with them at a school.

Our goal is never to replace an arts or music program in a school - but rather supplement until full time teaching is restored IN THE SCHOOL DAY. Once that happens at ALL schools in the Portland area, Vibe will work at playing a support and advocacy role for teachers and students to maintain a robust and full creative arts education for students in the Portland Metro area


More vibe history

2007 - Vibe of Portland became a 501c3 nonprofit organization

2008 - Art and Music classes began at Harrison Park K-8 School in Portland Public

2011 - Vibe Studio opens at TaborSpace in SE Portland

2014 - Vibe starts running East Winds Band Camp

2017 - Vibe Studio moves to it’s current space at SE 57th & Division 


Vibe works at 11 schools in the Portland Public, Park Rose and Centennial School Districts offering visual arts and music classes during and after school

Vibe’s Studio offers classes for artists ages 18 months up through adults. Classes happen mid-day, after school, evenings, and Saturdays with a variety of workshop, classes and summer camps. Creative events and birthday parties continue to keep the studio bubbling with creativity 7 days a week.


A very special thanks to Brittany Pursinger for providing the beautiful photography featured on this site.